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waterproofing compoundWONDERSEAL is an integral Waterproofing Compound for plaster and concrete. It makes the concrete dense and cohesive and can be used with all types of cement. It is free from any sulphates and chlorides. WONDERSEAL Cement Water Proofing Compound is ideal for buildings, industrial constructions, reservoirs, sewers, swimming pools, cellars etc. These are the areas where impermeability is a must. Wonderseal contains an active water re-pellent admixture which fills the pores in cement concrete/mortor and also overcomes the capillary absorption of moisture to prevent the passage of water. Proper ramming / use of vibrator is strongly recommended for best results.

How to use

  • Mix cement, sand and aggregate throughly
  • Add 1 Kg Wonderseal for every bag of cement used before mixing
  • Add water and mix well
  • Use within 45 minutes.

Available in 1kg and 25kg packing





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