WONDERFIX - Ready to use cement based tile adhesive

WONDERFIX is a cement, minerals and imported additives based tile adhesive that has been specially formulated for installation of tiles & stone on interior & exterior facades, wet & dry areas, walls, floors, ceilings, new & remodel constructions, residential or commercial applications. It is made of best quality white and grey cement combination, sand and imported additives. Even the sand is carefully selected, graded and only the correct grain size is used during manufacturing. Additives are of best international brands that make the adhesive fast setting, easily workable and provide strength to the tile.

Application Procedure

  • Clean the floor/wall surface to remove dust, oil & grease etc. properly so that there is no hindrance in adhesion.
  • Note that there must be a gap of 28 days from concrete casting or 7 days from cement plastering before tiling is done.
  • Mix WONDERFIX and clean water in the ratio of 5:1 by volume. Pour water in a container and add WONDERFIX slowly along with continuous stirring and mixing and prepare a consistent and thick mix.
  • Apply the mix on the floor/wall surface in appropriate thickness using a trowel. 2 mm bed thickness for wall and 3 mm for floor must be kept.
  • Ensure that the tiles are fully supported by adhesive. Apply adhesive at back of tiles, if required to accommodate level.
  • Tap the tiles gently with a wooden hammer after laying for proper fixing / leveling.
  • Allow at least 24 hrs time to gain proper bonding strength.
  • The bigger the size of tile is in the notch of the trowel (from ¼” to ½”) and lesser is the coverage (4 to sq. mt.) per 25 kg. bag.