Group company Golchha Paintoxide Pvt. Ltd. manufactures Carbon Black. We are able to offer the best quality at reasonable price due to our strong sourcing base, knowhow and strong manufacturing expertise.

We have brought in reliability, consistency, and technical expertise in this product which had so far been dominated mostly by the unorganised sector. Our product is characterised by its excellent volume and jet black colour.

We produce Carbon Black from Fertilizer/Chemical plant by-products and our products are different from the regular grades available in the Indian and International market. They are suitable for traditional applications where colour and economy are more important. Our products are very eco-friendly in the sense that they replace standard carbon blacks which have a high carbon footprint.

We also produce Carbon Black by treating and refining pyrolysis carbon to produce good quality & metal free material which can partially or fully replace high cost standard Carbon Blacks in several applications. These are highly eco-friendly products as they are produced from by-products of other processes.

Uses of Carbon Black

Flooring Colours
Tiles / Pavers
Colouration of Fertilizers, Cement etc.
Tile Joint Filler

Available in 25kg HDPE bags