Synthetic Iron Oxides have become increasingly important due to their pure hue, light fastness, consistent properties, and tinting strength.

Single-component forms are mainly produced with red, yellow and black colours. These pigments have several applications and are currently used in construction, coatings, ceramics, paints, ink, rubber, plastics, pavers, brake lining etc. Few other notable uses are linoleum, wood polish, float glass, paper, animal feed, leather, foundry coatings, polishing compound.

Flooring Colours

Use of coloured cement flooring and mosaic flooring is prevalent in several parts of India. In fact mosaic flooring is coming back in fashion these days and skilled masons for the job are hard to find. The most used colours for cement/mosaic flooring are Red, Yellow and Black as they are inorganic and hence do not fade due to weather and UV rays.


Iron Oxides, specially the Micronised Series is extensively used as Pigment in all kinds of decorative and industrial paints. High strength and excellent dispersibility makes them ideal for use in all kinds of Paints under extreme weather and atmospheric conditions. Several different grades are available to obtain different hues of Red, Yellow, Orange, Brown & Black.


They are used to colour Paver Blocks, Designer Tiles, Roofing Tiles etc. due to their long-lasting colour intensity, resistance to UV rays and weathering resistance. Vibrant shades bring life to individual designs at homes, public places and workplaces. They are also used in concrete benches and other concrete prefab products.

Architectural Products

Different shades of Iron Oxide are added to plasters, concrete blocks, surface textures etc. to bring out the best of building exteriors and open up endless possibilities for designers. Such coloured finishes can also be used to restore heritage buildings.

Leather Colourants

Synthetic Iron Oxides are used extensively for preparation of leather colourants. Our pigments are totally free from heavy metals and hence preferred by the industry.

Plastic Masterbatches

Our Synthetic Red Iron Oxide is heat stable and hence ideal for use in the preparation of colour master batches for the plastic industry. Micronised series is highly recommended for this application.

Ceramic Colours

Iron Oxides are extensively used in the manufacture of various shades of Ceramic Colours for further use in tiles, crockery and other ceramic products.

Coloured Paper

Several shades of coloured paper are obtained with the use of Iron Oxides due to its stability, consistency and economy.

Earthen Pots & Products

Iron Oxides added with suitable adhesive are extensively used to colour / re-colour earthen pots, terracotta figures and other similar products to give them a vibrant look, especially during festive seasons like Diwali, Christmas etc.

Foundry Coatings
Pigmented Mulch