"WONDER" WALL PUTTY is white cement & mineral based putty for use on cement concrete - mortar interior / exterior walls for smoother & stronger adhesion and best suited to minimize paint cost, improve finish and extend it's durability. Use of best quality imported additives and an advanced manufacturing process makes it better than other wall putties due to its better water resistance, workability, smoothness and durability.

Characteristics of "WONDER" WALL PUTTY

  • It is equally good for application on interior & exterior walls. It is applied on both new or used wall surface after proper readiness. After application the finish is smooth and does not require primer coat before application of distemper or paint.
  • It is odourless & antifungal. It does not require any curing after application. It has good adherence and is water resistant and hence can be applied on wet surface.
  • Prevents water seepage / leakage through cracks / voids in mortar-concrete.
  • Storage life is about 10-12 months. Store in dry & cool place. It is non-toxic.
  • Depending upon the smoothness of the surface, 1 Kg. of "WONDER" WALL PUTTY will cover an area upto 2.5 sq.mt/mm thickness.

Available in 20kg consumer pack and 40 kg bulk economy pack

Application system & precautions

  • The surface should be made free from unwanted adhering materials with wire brush/emery paper.
  • Make a paste of "WONDER" WALL PUTTY with water and apply on the already moistened surface in upward direction uniformly with putty blade. On drying remove the projected marks gently with putty blade. After about 2-4 hrs. apply second coat of wall putty and see that the total thickness of putty on the wall is about 1½ mm. Allow the surface to dry completely and remove any marks with putty blade & then rub the surface gently with very fine emery paper before application of paint.
  • Mix the putty thoroughly to get best results and prepare only that much quantity which can be consumed in 1 hour. In case of new surface apply 1 coat of WONDER WHITE wash prior to application of putty to get the best results.