Having made a modest start in the manufacturing of Synthetic Iron Oxide (Red/Yellow/Orange/Black/Brown) Pigments in 1986, we are now one of the largest manufacturers of these pigments in India. We are the first and only manufacturer in India of Micronised Red Iron Oxide with a particle size of under 10 microns.

Our group is also into manufacturing and marketing high quality Oxide Flooring Colours, Wall Putty, Tile Adhesive, Cement Paints, Tile Grout, and Carbon Black. We cater to both domestic as well as export market, where our name is associated with "Quality". We have certain specific grades of pigments, which nobody else is able to match or manufacture. We have manufacturing facilities at Kalunga and Rourkela in Odisha.

Golchha Pigments Pvt Ltd has now entered into the filed of Pigment Paste production for the coatings industry. We will be offering the bestselling shades in the market as well as some new and unique formulations that will make the job of the paint manufacturer much easier and more cost effective than traditional pastes.

Our Strengths


The management comprises of chemical/mechanical engineers & MBAs and commerce graduates to take care of specific functions in order to ensure efficiency and professionalism in all dimensions of the business.

Experience & Evolution

We have achieved an average volume growth rate of 15% per annum for the past few years. Our nationwide network helps us cross-sell products thus enabling us to lower our marketing and distribution costs. The network also enables us to do the best possible raw material sourcing and also helps us gather the required market intelligence.

Enterprising Employees

Innovative ideas and suggestions are invited from employees, keenly evaluated and implemented. Most of our employees have been with us for long periods of time. This shows their commitment to the company and in turn the organisation also benefits from their experience and loyalty.

Our Vision is to be the leading player in our product categories on the parameters of Quality, Consistency, Lowest Production Costs & Lowest Carbon Footprint

To be achieved through

  • Continuous R & D
  • Process and Productivity improvements
  • Investment in Technology
  • Effective HR practices

Our Focus

  • Fulfilling customer needs and providing the best customer service.
  • Close interaction with customers to understand their needs and offer a solution - not just a product

Project Consultancy

We are also providing technical knowhow for manufacturing Synthetic Iron Oxide Pigments by the Precipitation Process and are keen to collaborate for exchange of technical expertise.

We have already completed

  • Project report for an upcoming Iron Oxide Project in Kuwait
  • Project report with a market survey report for an upcoming Iron Oxide Project in Qatar