WONDER WHITE is an innovative product from Golchha Paintoxide Pvt. Ltd. This is a totally new product category created by the company and is a result of extensive in­house R&D.

It is to be applied as a protective and decorative first coat on freshly plastered walls to give it a glowing milky white look. It has been developed keeping in mind, needs of house owners and builders under Indian conditions. Usually people do not plaster and paint the exterior of a new house or building right after construction either due to budget constraints or just to check construction defects till one rainy season has passed. Till that time, usually lime wash or white / grey cement wash is done. Wonder White is a better substitute due to its better whiteness than white cement, 20% higher coverage than cement wash and better adhesion due to unique formulation.

WONDER WHITE is an excellent value for money alternative to this due to the following reasons:

  • It gives a better glowing milky white appearance as compared to White Cement, which has a greenish or bluish dull whiteness
  • It has about 20% more coverage per kg as compared to white cement
  • It has additives that give the coating a better life
  • It is easy to use and application procedure is same as cement paint
  • It does not need addition of fevicol or any other binder like in lime
  • It is more cost effective as there is no requirement to add any binder and it is more long lasting
  • One can apply any kind of paint, paris, putty etc. on WONDER WHITE without any problems

Features & Directions for Use

  • It is an economical and more aesthetic substitute of white cement for application on walls on which cement plaster has been done
  • It should not be applied on walls which have already been painted or on walls where paris/putty/primer has been applied.
  • It gives a glittering and attractive appearance compared to white cement when applied on walls.
  • This is preferred for exterior walls.
  • This is self curing. Sprinkle water on wall before application.
  • This also serves the purpose of white paint on new walls. Apply two coats for best results.

Application Procedure

  • Clean the surface thoroughly with hard wire brush such that it is free from any algae growth & loose dust and oily substance.
  • Wash the surface with clean water 2-3 times and allow it to dry partially before application
  • Prepare a brushable slurry by slowly adding water and mixing simultaneously
  • Apply first coat with a good quality brush. Allow to dry for 4-6 hours
  • For best results, apply second coat similarly (after spraying clean water on first coat)