Cement Paint is a time tested product ideal for building exteriors.

It is a white cement, lime, pigments and additives based exterior coating that is ideal for Indian weather conditions. It is also used for building interiors where economy is of prime importance. Even though expensive exterior emulsions supposedly have a longer life but they get dull and dirty under Indian climatic conditions and pollution. Cement Paint can simply be scrubbed with a soft brush after rainy season to get back a clean and shiny fresh look. Also since cement paint is economical, one can apply a fresh coat every 3-4 years to get that dazzling new look.

WONDERCEM is a premium grade cement paint for exclusive bungalows, highrises etc. ECOCEM is an economical and durable paint ideal for low cost housing, factories, godowns, etc.

Cement Paint Shade Card

Off White ecocem Ivory ecocem Midcream ecocem Yellow ecocem Light Biscuit ecocem Apricot
Blush Pink ecocem Pale Rose ecocem Bright Pink ecocem Peach ecocem Golden Brown Brick Red ecocem
Lime Light Spring Green ecocem Frost Green Light Olive ecocem Silver Grey ecocem Dove Grey
LIme Apple Green ecocem Aquamarine ecocem Deep Aquamarine ecocem Sky Blue ecocem Special Taj Grey


  • Both WONDERCEM and ECOCEM available in Super White
  • Patterns on the Shade Card show approximate colours only
  • Shades marked ecocem are available in ECOCEM

Attractive Combinations

Frost Green
Light Olive
Spring Green
Apple Green
Golden Brown
Blush Pink
Silver Grey
Lime Light
Off White
Special Taj Grey


  • Excellent Waterproof Cement Paint with properties like easy mixing and application and enhanced covering capacity
  • Based on White Portland Cement and finely ground additives to increase water repellency and fungal resistance
  • Imparts durable & tough waterproof surface and hence does not allow water to penetrate it.
  • Not affected by adverse climatic conditions and does not rub / peel off and are washable.
  • Blue & Green shades are liable to fleet and hence are usually suggested for interior painting, Also, darker shades are not recommended for larger unrelieved areas due to visible substrate impurities because of efflorescence.
  • Applied direct by spray or brush to various surfaces with covering areas (two coats)

Directions for use

  • Clean the surface thoroughly with hard wire brush such that it is free from any algae growth & loose dust and oily substance.
  • Wash the surface with clean water, 3-4 times and allow it , to dry partially before application. Add WONDERCEM / ECOCEM to obtain smooth flowing slurry for easy application and use it within 2-3 hours of, application.
  • Rub the first coat with soft brush. Cure the surface with spraying / sprinkling of water, 4-6 hours after first coat. Apply the second coat after 24 hrs of first coat. For better, results, sprinkle clean water for next 2 days, at least 2-3 times a day.


Sq. Ft. / Kg.
Sq. Ft. / Kg.
Rough Cast and Pebbledash 12 - 20 10 - 18
Cement Concrete Block 20 - 32 18 - 30
Brick Work 22 - 35 18 - 33
Cement / Sand Rendering 24 - 38 22 - 30
In-situ Concrete 35 - 45 33 - 43
Wall and Board 30 - 50 28 - 48